UPDATE 2013/12/21 -- Google has dealt a double blow to YouTube User Guard by removing Infobars from Chrome and implementing Google+ comments in YouTube. I have not found any way to make YouTube User Guard work with Google+ comments, so YouTube User Guard is dead. The good news is it looks like Google's single sign-on now lets you switch accounts on YouTube, so you don't need this addon anyway :)

YouTube User Guard

YouTube User Guard is an extension for Google Chrome which allows you to stay signed in to YouTube when you sign out of other Google properties such as Gmail. This extension requires chrome.experimental.infobars, so you must enable Chrome's exeperimental extension APIs


First, download YouTube User Guard here

Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder anywhere on your computer. I recommend a subfolder inside your Documents folder so you don't lose it.

Now open Google Chrome and type chrome://flags in the address bar.

Enable Experimental APIs

Enable Experimental Extension APIs. You must restart Chrome for changes to take effect.

Now go to chrome://extensions, tick the Developer mode checkbox and then click Load Unpacked Extension and select the folder where you extracted the zip file.

Load extension

YouTube User Guard is now installed


After installation, visit YouTube. If you are not currently signed in to a Google Account, do so now. Once signed in you will be asked if you wish to stay signed in.

Enable YouTube User Guard

Clicking Yes will result in you staying signed in indefinitely, or until you sign out.

I hope you enjoy YouTube User Guard

Source code now available on GitHub

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