Kwerty Gmail Notifier for Windows 7 (and 8)

Kwerty Gmail Notifier for Windows 7 monitors your Gmail inbox and notifies you of new emails. It allows you to preview new emails without loading Gmail. It's compatable with regular Gmail accounts and Google Apps accounts.

Taskbar Icon

The standard taskbar icon

You've got mail

You've got mail!


Jumplist for common tasks

Thumbnail previews

Preview new emails

Kwerty Gmail Notifier is completely free, doesn't include any annoying advertising software, and the source code is available on Github.

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What's new in Kwerty Gmail Notifier 1.4.3 (2014/05/17)

If you have any problems please leave a comment on Squiz.

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Download Kwerty Gmail Notifier 1.4

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Kwerty Gmail Notifier was inspired by Gmail Notifier Plus, and borrows several images as well as the mail preview layout.

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